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Knee Assembly

Knee or Knee Assembly

The Knee Assembly is a term used in the automobile industry to describe the connection point between the frame and longitudinal member, which connects at an angle. In other words, this piece connects to your vehicle’s frame and then angles upward on either side so that it becomes parallel with them. These parts are found in all types of vehicles, and they can be made of various materials depending on what type of car it is.

It is the Knee Assembly that attaches to the frame, and this connection point is usually made with a large metal or plastic bolt. The most common types are large metal items, but in some instances the bolts can be plastic.

This piece can be composed of several different materials depending on the type of vehicle it is found in. The material most commonly used for a Knee Assembly is metal, but some vehicles use plastic instead. For example, extremely modern vehicles often have plastic Knee Assemblies because they are lightweight and have a better impact resistance than metal ones do.

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How does the KNEE ASSEMBLY of a car work?

The interesting aspect of the KnEE ASSEMBLY is the KNEE. The KNEE is a tube that, through use, becomes flattened to a definite shape. It must resist both tension from outside and compression from inside.

The KNEE must move freely in what is known as a BALL JOINT. This movement enables it to react to bumps and dips in the road surface without breaking up its integrity by having an impact on any other part of the car’s operating mechanism.

In the KNEE there is one compression rod attached to the top of the piston and one tension rod attached to the bottom.

The position of this KNEE is carefully on a horizontal line with both front wheels.

When the KNEE ASSEMBLY moves, it moves in an up and down direction. The compression rods act as springs and therefore they get longer when they are in use; they also get shorter when not in use. The tension rod acts as a shock absorber during normal driving conditions, but if a blow were to be delivered to it by an external force, for instance by hitting a rock or denting a wheel on it, its action would be to lengthen.

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