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Hub Brakes or Drum breaks


Car Drum Brakes

The car is indeed one of the vehicles in which it has many constituent components, and each has a variety of functions. Brakes are a vital component of a car because they can stop or slow down the car when moving or backward. There are two types of brakes in cars, the most popular of which are disc brakes and drum brakes.

Both types of brakes have the same purpose: to stop the vehicle, but the disc brake design with drum brakes is made differently. The working system is also different because the various components it carries are different.

There are still many people who own cars but are not familiar with the concept of drum brakes. Drum brakes consist of various components. At least some parts are usually found in Drum brakes.

Understanding Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are a type of brake that is typically used in two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. The way drum brakes work on motorbikes and cars is almost the same. Drum brakes in cars usually use a hydraulic brake system because they have used hydraulic pressure to exert pressure on the brake pads.

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Drum Brake Components

1. Backing Plate

The backing plate is one of the drum brake components in the form of a metal-based band which is relatively thin and is placed on the back of the drum brake system. This component serves as a protection for other drum brake components.

The shape of the backing plate is a circle that has many holes and has many protrusions. The number of holes in the backing plate’s primary purpose is to match the drum brake’s standard part.

2. Wheel Cylinders

Wheel cylinders become drum brake components that are useful for converting the fluid pressure into mechanical motion. In general, several types of wheel cylinders are usually found or used in drum brake systems.

The dual piston wheel cylinder type is the most popular because it is widely used to accompany leading and trailing drum types. Bolts best characterize the double piston type to the backing plate.

The wheel cylinder consists of several parts: the wheel cylinder housing, bleeder nut, piston boot, spring, and piston. If one of the wheel cylinders does not work correctly, it will affect the drum brakes’ overall performance.

3.Brake Shoes and Pads

Brake shoes and pads are also components that are often found in a drum brake. A brake shoe or brake pad is used to put the brake on a drum brake system. While the area to put the brake pads in the disc brake components is the brake pad.

Brake shoes usually have a shape that resembles a circle consisting of 2 shoes with a semicircle. This component is placed in one part of the drum brake, but the brake shoe will not touch or directly contact the drum.

Brake pads are components that are placed directly on the surface of the brake shoe. The material for making brake pads is an organic ceramic that can be changed or replaced when the brake pads’ condition is thin or poor.

4.Return Spring

The return spring is a drum brake component that is no less important because it functions to return the brake shoe to its original position before the brake lever or pedal pressure. In the drum brake work system, the return spring consists of 2, namely the upper spring and the lower spring.

An upper spring is a spring or spring whose position is on the upper side or under the cylinder wheel. The primary function of the upper spring is to return the brake shoe to its original position.

Lower Spring is a spring located on the adjuster’s side, and its function is very different from the upper spring. The lower spring functions to maintain the position of 2 drum brake shoes to press on the adjuster.

5.Brake Shoe Holder

Of course, in a car drum braking system, the brake shoes will be placed or stored attached to the backing plate. The brake shoe holder is dynamic or easy to move. In that way, the holder mechanism that is used can support the drum brakes properly.

The brake shoe holder also consists of various parts included in a series of pins that have spring or spring locks and a pressure plate. The three components, when put together, will become an essential part that attaches to the backing plate.

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6. Brake Shoe Adjuster

The brake shoe adjuster is one of the drum brake components located at the bottom of the drum brake, and the shape of this component resembles the screw on the adjuster. Brake shoe adjuster is a somewhat important component in drum brakes.

The brake shoe adjuster functions to adjust the gap between the drum brake pads and the drum surface when there is the brake pedal’s movement, be it a movement.

7. Parking Brake Lever

The parking brake lever is one of the drum brake components that can only be found in cars because it will not be used in motorbikes. With the parking brake lever, the drum brake construction will look more complicated. Two levers can be found in the parking brake lever system, namely the park brake lever and the brake shoe link.

The parking brake lever is made with one end of the arm having a hinge connected to the brake shoe on the upper side, and at the end, it is connected to the brake cable. Meanwhile, the brake shoe link will connect the park brake lever with the other brake shoe.

8. Drum Brake

The drum brake is a component that has a significant role in the drum brake work system. This component is made of cast steel, so the texture is tough, and the shape resembles a drum or tube.

The drum brake has a primary function, namely as a medium for friction with the brake pads for the purpose that the wheels will stop on the road. This component is also directly connected to the wheel bolts so that the drum will rotate following the wheel bolts.

9. Parking Brake Cable

The parking brake cable is a drum brake component in the form of a steel cable commonly used to pull the drum brake system. The type of cable used is not much different from other types of steel cables. The parking brake cable’s primary function is to connect the parking brake lever movement to the parking brake lever positioned in the drum brake system.

How The Car Drum Brakes Work

To detect drum brakes in your car, of course, you must be able to know and understand how the drum brakes work. By understanding how it works, you can carry out maintenance or repairs promptly.

Drum brakes will indeed work when the friction is converted into rotational energy or motion energy. With the movement, the wheel will automatically stop.

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